peter coppin

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Design
OCAD University





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My research lies in the domain of new media, and graphic representation in particular. I seek a scientifically-grounded understanding of established conventions in the applied visual arts to inform a principled and rational approach to Visual Information Design.
Pictures are Perceived; Symbols are also Recognized. A conception of pictorial versus symbolized information.
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placeholderObserving information organization in naturalistic settings. Presented at Science and Technology for Humanity 2009 and EPIC 2009.
selected projects

Graphic Representation and Cognition (2007-current)

A perceptual-cognitive approach to visual information design.
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Highlakes Expedition (2005)

Imbedded reporter style public interface for a science expedition.

EventScope Projects (1999-2006)

Public remote experience via 3D virtual terrains generated from rover data. Video: Vimeo | Archive site: EventScope

BigSignal (1998-2000)

Internet telescience in the classroom.

Project Paradise & other (1995-2000)

Telepresence art, the cyborg surragate self, and Project Paradise.