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This show presented TV watchers with a game show sized voting ballot that presented national and local candidates. In front of the ballot was a robotically augmented American voter that could be controlled by the audience via touch-tone telephone.
Game show board
In this way TV watchers could participate in the voting process through the remote control of an American Voter. Viewers saw the effects of their control on a real voter for the purposes of casting a ballot in an election where they had no visible effect.


Concept: Peter Coppin, Alexi Morrissey, Michael Parris, Martin C. Martin and Jessee Eusades
Project directors: Peter Coppin, Alexi Morrissey, and Michael Parris
Phone electronics and computer control: Martin C. Martin
On air talent: Ricardo Miranda, Martin C. Martin, and Peter Coppin
TV production: Alexi Morrissey and students at Peters Township Middle School