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Flow Viz Project: Working with the ribbon metaphor

SUMMARY: The images below are our continued attempts to apply cross hatching techniques, such as those employed in pen and ink drawings or Albrecht Durer’s etchings from the renaissance to flow visualization. With this set of visual explorations, we are applying a ‘ribbon metaphor’ that DAS found in a journal article (directly below).


The images below are posted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent sketches toward the top of the page.

4. Detail of #3 below.

Camera Roll-886

3. #2 below, with the ribbon amplified by reducing surrounding details.

Camera Roll-886

Camera Roll-885

2. #1 below, combined with the ribbon metaphor from the paper sent out by DAS.

Camera Roll-872


Camera Roll-868

Presenter at Gordon Research Conference: Visualization in Science Education

Peter Coppin presented at the 2013 Gordon Conference on Visualization in Science and Education. This conference series brings together diverse communities of persons engaged in the production, study and application of visualizations to enhance and promote scientific understanding. The over-arching theme for the 2013 conference was the “Evolving Role of Visualization in Science and Education.”

Presentation Information

Type: Paper Session
Date: Jul 21, 2013
Status: Invited
Event Title: Visualization in Science & Education
Event Location: Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Islan
Organizing Body:  Gordon Research Conferences