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The EventScope Authoring Tool [AT] is a point and click interface that enables a non-programmer, such as a content developer, artist, or educator to create guided tours through 3D Virtual Environment Terrain Models that represent remote sites in photorealistic detail.

The Authoring Tool was developed by Coppin at PlatformDigital, LLC and later licensed to Carnegie Mellon University [CMU] to be used by Coppin's CMU based EventScope Project. The Authoring Tool runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Authoring Tool
Data is gathered by remote rovers and orbiters 

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Museum Display
Once guided tours are created they are sent to museums, homes and schools

2. Authoring tool is used to manipulate and fuse data in order to create guided tours through data


Peter Coppin: Principal Investigator and Project Director
Visual Design: Dana Martinalli and Eben Meyers
Software Engineering: Karl Fischer, Luisa Lu and Michael Wagner
Education Consultants: Ron McCloskey and Junlei Li
Student Programmers: Aron Flagg, Luisa Lu and Jonathon Foster