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Boundary Link was an audience generated performance that linked the Wats:on? Festival of Art and the New Castle Youth Developement Center, a maximum security detention facility in New Castle Pennsylvania.
Project Club

The installation at the Wats:on? festival consisted of four architecturally modified telephone booths placed in the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University, the host the festival.

Inside of each phone booth were images of preselected detainies at the Youth Development Center of New Castle Pennsylvania, and telephones that allowed festival goers to speak to them.
Detainee speaking on phone

At the beginning of the performance, attendees heard telephones ringing inside each booth. When festival attendees answered the telephones, they found themselves in conversations with a residents at the facility, a contact that would not otherwise occur.
User 1
User 2


Project directors: Peter Coppin and Alexi Morrissey
Phone booth retrofit: Peter Coppin, Alexi
Morrissey, Michael Parris, and Jessee Eusades
Institutional collaborator: New Castle Youth Development Center [aka: "New Castle Max"]
Insitutional liaison: Alexi Morrissey
Inmate liaisons: Peter Coppin and Alexi Morrissey
Chief negotiator: Peter Coppin
Phone electronics: Martin C. Martin