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These drawings were created by Coppin while he was an undergraduate at the University of Dallas between 1990 and 1994.

Sculptural gun  [1994]

The goal driving the development of this drawing was to create a curvilinear perspective system for the presentation of representational ideas from the mind more "immersively" on two-dimensional surfaces by showing "fisheye" style 180 degree fields of view.

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Nancy climbs the stairs

Nancy climbs the stairs [1993].

Nancy climbs the stairs was another creation designed to present a situation more "immersively" through a wide angle curvilinear perspective.

The highly distorted picture shows a woman ["Nancy"] climbing stairs and heading toward a hallway. However, through the use of curvilinear perspective, the picture is able to show all of the objects surrounding Nancy.

For example, the wall that ends at the edge of the drawing on the right edge of the paper would "wrap around" to connect with the wall ending on the left edge of the paper.

The curvilinear grid [bottom] was used to produce the correct distortions in the drawing [top].
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Van driving through a parking garage [1994]

The goal driving the development of this drawing was to present a technique for showing events over time on two-dimensional surfaces. This expanded the use of the wide angle perspective systems above to include a full 1080 [3 * 360] degree field of view. The idea behind expanding the field of view beyond 360 degrees was to enable the presentation of events over time.

This new system focused around the presentation of events over time was dubbed "the Total View Perspective System."

Through the creation of this drawing, a system was created for presenting these curvilinear drawings in a gallery environment, because a rectangular from would not be suited for the curvilinear system.

Graphite on paper, bonded to wood, framed in custom 16 gauge steel clamping system.

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