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EventScope enables students, teachers and the public to explore Virtualized Realities, or 3D archives of real remote locations, constructed from sensor data. EventScope delivers “Remote Experience Lessons” that consist of a “guided tour” through a Virtualized Reality based Remote Experience. At each stage of the tour [a view represented by a page], curriculum text describes the educational concept that related to the phenomenon portrayed in the view and that was further highlighted by arrow, circle or other annotations.


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The creation of these “tours” required educators, artists and designers [who were non-programmers] to work closely with programmers. Coppin saw that a new kind of tools would enable content developers to create Remote Experiences on their own.

Coppin conceptualized and lead the development of a Remote Experience Authoring Tool [patent pending], to quickly and easily create curriculum as annotated “guided tours” through these Virtualized Realities so that content developers could create Remote Experience presentations without a prior background in computer programming.  

An Authoring tool for Remote Experiences

Four screenshots from a guided tour through 3D Virtual Environment terrain models