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Starting in September 2007, I began PhD research that focused on theoretical gaps that I had encountered while running the BigSignal and EventScope projects. This research lies in the domain of new media, and graphic representation in particular. I seek a scientifically-grounded understanding of established conventions in the applied visual arts to inform a principled and rational approach to Visual Information Design.

This research direction is partially inspired by my previous work as a freelance illustrator [info below] that focused on creating explanitive illustrations for government proposals and technical publications/reports.

Experimental group
Social science "sketches" [Fall 2007]. Info 

Related work:

Illustrations for proposals to  government agencies [1997-2002].
   Info in "technical illustration" section.

Pen and ink drawings [2005-current].
    Info in "pen & ink" section.

Total view perspective drawings [1993-4].
    Info in "total view perspective drawings" section.