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A current focus is delivering 3D Virtual Environment based Remote Experiences to science exhibit displays. Coppin lead the development of a Remote Experience interface for the Adler Planetarium and Science museum in Chicago for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission. The EventScope team continues to update these displays with new software and data from Mars and Earth orbital probes.

Museum Display
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The public explores the guided tours through a user friendly immerssive display system

Data from rovers  are turned into guided tours through 3D Virutal Environments created from the data

 Data is gathered from NASA's rovers and orbiters

Principal Investigator and Project Director: Peter coppin
Visual Designer-Content: Eben Meyers and Dana Martinelli
Education Developer-Content: Ron McCloskey
Visual Designers-Interface: Peter Coppin and Dana Martinelli

Software Engineers: Luisa Lu, Jonathon Foster, Karl Fischer and David Seneker

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs