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An explanation for these drawings is at the bottom of this page.

S.P. [colorized]
small | medium | large | tiff

S.P. [original pen & ink]
Ssmall | medium | large | tiff
Drawing of man sleeping
Man.sleep [colorized]
Man.sleep [original pen & ink]
small | medium | large | tiff small | medium | large | tiff

The objective behind these drawings was two-fold:

1) First, I needed a quick way to create pictures that did not require large infrastructures or logistics. I wanted to be able to create communicative pictures while sitting on an airplane, for example [at the time I was a bureaucrat directing the EventScope Project].  Basically, I wanted a ”shorthand for illustration" that could use the portability of my pocket notepad, but actualize ideas in a way that could communicate…beyond a sketch. I wanted something that was closer to a painting or graphic visualization.

After a period of experimentation, I came upon the right combination for me. This was:

-an ink drawing in my pocket sketchpad.
-Next, I would bring the pictures into Photoshop where I would colorize them [using standard techniques used by comic book artists].

2) My second objective was to have fun and be an “artist” again...and to explore intra-mental processes through drawing. I was happy because I could do these creatons on an airplane, hotel room, or ... even my own technology lab after hours!