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Current work explores graphic representation and cognition >. This is using theories of perception and cognition to understand how people react to graphic representations. In the meantime, I have continued to produce visual representation on the side >.

Prior to August 2007, projects were visual interfaces to robotic rovers > for NASA funded science teams. This evolved from education interfaces > to data from rovers and orbiters for schools, science museums, and home users. This fusion of information interface and robotics evolved from work in telerobotic art > in the form of interactive television.

Through interactive television, watchers could remotely experience places and people by controlling robots through their telephone keypads.

The work in robotics evolved from computer controlled electromechanical
sculpture >
and static sculpture >

Sculptural works evolved from drawing and design, especially development of "total view" perspective systems > for showing wide angle representations and events over time.

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 2007---  Explanative illustrations
Rover interfaces
EventScope education interfaces
Telerobotic art/interactive television
Robotic art & electromechanical sculpture
Drawing, painting, and perspective drawings
Documentary video
Technical illustration

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Graphic representation and cognition [2007-2011]

Exploring the perceptual-cognitive affordances of graphic representations. Info

Graphic illustrations [2007-2011]

Graphic representations that I have produced on the side, during my PhD studies. Info

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"Mission control" interfaces for robotic life-seeking desert rover [2002-5]      

Rover science operations "mission control" room [2003-5]
A room to support telescience. Info
Atacama science "website" [2005]
Unique online tools to enable scientsts to browse data returned by a robotic rover
. Info
Rover command interface [2003-5]
Scientists "told" a rover where to explore by "pushing pins" into a "map". Info

Imbedded reporter style public interface for science expedition [2005]. Info

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The EventScope education projects, software and content  [1999-2006]     

EventScope viewing tool [2000-2003]
Students explored a 3D game-like Mars created from NASA's rover and orbiter data. Info
Remote experience authoring tool [2001-2005]
An authoring tool to enable educators to craft guided tours [presentations/curricula] within 3D Mars data. Info
Immersive museum displays [2004-2006]
Versions of the EventScope viewer and custom curriculum modules were designed for Elumens immersive displays at science museums. Info

The BigSignal Project [1998-2000] was one of the world's first "remote experience" interfaces for K-12 education. Info

Project Club [1999-2001]
Project club was a networked virtual nightclub for socialization and real-time musical improvisation. Info

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Technical illustration [1998-1999]

Technical illustration for government proposals and scientific publications. Info

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Telepresence/telerobotic art

Project Paradise [1998-9] enabled audiences to "become Adam or Eve in paradise" by remotely controlling robotically augmented humans ["cyborgs"]. Info

Petting Zoo [1997] enabled audiences to remotely pet a living rabbit by controlling a "cyborg". Info
Rover TV [1997] enabled TV watchers to control and explore through a NASA desert rover. Info
Absentee Ballot [1997] enabled TV watchers to remotely control a voter [and cast a vote] during a 1996 national
election. Info

Boundary Link [1997] enabled phone conversations between art festival attendees and prisoners. Info

Robotic art
[systems developed for robotic and telepresence art projects]

Inverse Human [1996] was a sculpturally crafted robotic exoskeleton that enabled audiences to control a person's arm from any touch-tone phone. Info
Adam and Eve robotic exoskeletons for Project Paradise [1997-1998] were custom machined aluminum telerobots. Info

Mobile Throne [1995] enabled a lab rat to search for freedom. But the rat never became free because it's motorized luxury cage followed it. Info

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Electromechancal sculpture

Computer controlled electromechanical sculpture [1993-4]. Info

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Sculpture [1993-4]. Larger picture | Info

Interactive dance pad concept demonstration [1997]. Info pending

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Drawings, paintings, and "total view" perspective drawings

 Pen and ink drawings [2005-current]. Info
"Total view" perspective drawings [1993-1994]. Info
Early painting, drawing and illustration [1991-1993]. Info pending

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Educational video documentary [1998-9]. Info

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