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Rover TV was an "interactive" television show that allowed the Pittsburgh TV audience to actively explore a remote environment by giving them control of a robotic rover that was deployed in the Atacama desert of Northern Chile 5000 miles away.
Rover TV screenshot

Viewers observed live imagery from the Rover and gained control by dialing a number with their touch-tone telephones. Telephone button presses controlled both camera movements and steering of the rover.

The CME worked with the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University that developed Nomad, a NASA planetary rover prototype deployed for field trials in the summer of 1997.

The CME produced Rover TV at PCTV Channel 21 in collaboration with The Carnegie Science Center, The GROK Lab at the University of Iowa, NASA Ames Research Center , and WPXI Channel 11.
RTV long shot 2

Project Directors: Peter Coppin and Alexi Morrissey
Metahuman team member in Atacama Desert: Michael Parris
Design of TV interface: Peter Coppin
Panoramic viewing interface: Geb Thomas and John Murphy
Electronics and programming to connect phone to Onyx supercomputer: Martin C. Martin
Television production: Joseph Morrisson, Peter Coppin and Alexi Morrissey
On air host: Peter Coppin
Principal Investigator of Nomad rover project: William "Red" Whittaker