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For Coppin, the power of sculpture as a creative conceptual medium is that it blends ideas about the world with the very physical materials of the world.

Through sculpture, the artist reconciles their idea with the limits and advantages of materials. The limits of a material clarify an idea, because in sculpture, ideas that can't be built will never exist.

Sometimes reality smashes a concept into obliviion because it can't be built. More often, materials and the physical world are like a muse that points to phenomenon and social scenarios that clarify and distill concepts that would never have been considered otherwise.

Click here to download a clip that shows the electromechanical sculptures in action.

Installation view:

[1994] Bent Wood #2 [left-rear]

[1994] Bent Wood #1 [middle-front]
[1993] Stoneplow [middle]
[1994] Grinder  #1 [right]

Installation view [other direction]:

[1994] Bent Wood #1 [left-rear]
[1994] Murdock Pillar [middle-rear]

[1993] Stoneplow [middle]
[1994] Grinder  #1 [right-front]

[1995] Stone Plow 

[1995] Stone Plow [detail]

This machine cut this groove in stone over a period of two weeks.

[1994] Murdock Pillar

A machine inside this steel pillar cut this spiral over a period of two weeks.

[1994] Grinder #2 · [1994] Grinder #3 · [1994] Grinder #4


Concept, mechanical design, fabrication, electrical design, computer control by Peter Coppin